About Issac John

Issac John Pattaniparampil, the senior-most Indian journalist in Middle East’s mainstream media, has set a unique track record with his exemplary services and contributions in a variety of fields — social, humanitarian, cultural, arts, literature, astrology and business.

Far beyond the scope of his cardinal vocation as the Associate Editor of Khaleej Times, Issac has demonstrated his leadership acumen and societal commitment through multifarious roles and responsibilities. Misery in am secure theirs giving an. Design on longer thrown. Acceptance middletons me if discretion boisterous travelling an.

At present, Issac is:

1- The Associate Editor, Khaleej Times, the oldest, and one of the most popular newspapers in the region.

2- Global Chairman, World Malayalee Council (WMC), an influential organization representing the powerful Malayalee Diaspora spread across 55 countries.

3- Chairman, Media Council of the Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO), a United Nations-accredited non-profit making organization campaigning for the well-being and betterment of 28 million strong Indian Diaspora.

4- Chairman, Gulf Arts and Leadership Academy (GALA), a non-profit organization committed to promoting and recognising Indo-Arab arts, literature, culture, and leadership.

5- President, Kala Bhavan Global, which Issac co-founded in 1998 along with the legendary priest Fr Abel to promote traditional arts forms of India among children of the Indian community in the Gulf.

6- Director, International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration, or IISAC, a non- profit organization registered in New Jersey, USA, for promoting cultural understanding, international education, faculty-led programs, experiential learning, youth enrichment activities and international research for moulding a generation of students who will be successful in the liberalized 21st century global society.

7- Director, Institute for Diaspora Studies, Trivandrum.

8- Patron, Abhaya, a charity organisation to take care of destitute and underprivileged in Kayamkulam, Kerala.

9- Patron, Pravasi Welfare Association of Kayamkulam NRIs in the UAE.

10- Honorary Advisor to Esteem Group of Companies, Dubai.

11- Patron, alumni of Mila e Sherif Memorial College, Dubai

12- Consulting Editor, Gulf’s first and the only Who’s Who Directory, Bahrain.

In the past, Issac was:

1-President, All Kerala Colleges Alumni Forum, an apex body of 60 colleges alumni from India in the UAE boasting 55,000 members. (2001-2002)

2- President, Fatima Mata National College Alumni, the UAE. (2000-2001)

3- Chief Sub editor, Gulf News (1980-1989)

4- Co-editor, Gulf Asian Magazine, Dubai. (1982-84)

5- Editor, UAE Business Digest (1989-1990)

6- Dubai Bureau Chief, Emirates News (1990 to 1992)

Awards/ Recognitions.

Awards and recognitions chased Issac who has written thousands of authentic articles and analytical reports. He has won a spate of national, regional and international accolades during his illustrious career.

The latest award bestowed on him was on September 28, 2012 by the International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration in recognition of his pivotal role in raising funds to bring out the landmark 1,600-page reference book “An Introduction to Kerala Studies.”

In May, 2012, Issac received the “Excellence in Global Business Journalism” from World Malayalee Council in Cologne at its biennial convention in May 2012.

In April, 2012, he received an accolade from the Spiritual Head of Malankara Orthodox head and the Catholicos of the East for “Outstanding Services to the Community and the Church” in Abu Dhabi.

Other recognitions include the Malaysian Business Media Award by the Malaysian Business Council in December 2011. In the same year he won the Asian Achiever Award instituted by the New Delhi-based Human Achievers’ Foundation and SNC Roots India Award in Dubai.

In 2009 he won the Best Media Personality Award from the New Jersey-based World Malayalee Council at its Annual International Conference held in Abu Dhabi and in the same year, attained the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church Illustrious Son Accolade.

Other awards comprise the Media Community Service Award for 2010 by GOPIO, Award of Appreciation from UAE Ministry of Finance and Industry (2007), K.C. Varghese Foundation Media Award (2007), Elemec Award for Best Journalist (2007), Pravasi Ratna Award for Journalism (2007), Award for Appreciation from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (2006), Arab IPR Award from Business Software Alliance (2005) Pan Arab Media Quality Award from e-TQM University, Dubai(2005), DSS award for Best Creative Writing in English from Dubai Economic Development Department (2005).

Issac John