My Activities

40 years of multi-role services in GCC

In 40 years as a resident of Dubai, the sought-after global business hub hosting more than 200 nationalities, Issac has played a key role through his invaluable contributions towards fostering economic, business and cultural ties between the Middle East countries and India.

 Through his innumerable articles, commentaries and writings, both in print and digital media, Issac has always been in the forefront to promote Indian interests by projecting the nation in the most possible positive way.  Through his countless reports and interviews, Issac has always tried to bolster and promote economic and business relations between India and the Gulf. He has been effective as a news commentator on Indo-UAE trade and business ties.

 As a staunch supporter of all trade and business delegations coming from India to the Gulf, Issac has helped foster and bolster bilateral ties, especially during the historic state visit of UAE Vice President and Prime Minister HH Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to India, the state visit to the UAE by Indian President Pratiba Patel, and the historic visits to the UAE by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015, 2018 and 2019.

Catalyst for GCC labour reforms .

As a writer and thought-leader, Issac has been able to act as a key catalyst for bringing about far reaching immigrant-friendly reforms and social welfare measures that had had significant positive implications on the life of Indian expatriates and businessmen in the Gulf.

He has been instrumental in influencing Arab and foreign media to bring to the attention of Arab governments and authorities the harsh challenges faced by the expatriate Indian community, particularly the low-salaries workers, housemaids.

Campaigner for amnesty for illegal immigrants .

Tireless media campaigns mounted by Issac and other journalists for the safe repatriation of hundreds of thousands of illegal Indian workers had prompted the authorities to declare Amnesty several times by the UAE and other Gulf countries.

Social and community leadership .

Dr. Issac has been in the forefront of several social, cultural and community activities in varied roles. He was President of All Kerala Colleges Alumni Forum (AKCAF), an apex body of more than 60 college alumni groups in the UAE.

 As the Global Chairman of World Malayalee Council (2012-2018), and Global Ambassador of the Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO), Issac had championed the cause of the blue-collar migrants and helped reform the sector by securing several pro-labour measures and rules to alleviate their plight and reduce labour rights violations. Issac is also the founder patron of several other NRI bodies.

  During the general amnesty declared in the UAE in the 1990’s and 2000 that saw the repatriation of thousands of illegal and hapless expatriate labour force, Issac has led a team of reporters and photographers in prompting the attention of authorities in India and the UAE towards the solving the problems and challenges faced by the working labour class.

 By bringing to focus the deprivation and deplorably miserable conditions under which blue-collar migrants worked, the media in the UAE could champion their cause and help drastically reform the sector by securing several pro-labour measures and rules to alleviate their plight and reduce labour rights violations.

Promoter of traditional Indian arts .

As president of ACKAF, Issac launched the annual Inter-School Youth Festival in the UAE in 2001, which provided a platform for children to demonstrate their talents in traditional Indian arts and culture.

Founder of Kala Bhavan Global .

As the founder President of Kala Bhavan Global, Issac has made invaluable contributions to the cultural and arts scene in the UAE by setting up arts and music institutes affiliated to Cochin Kala Bhavan, the renowned school of performing arts.

Through Kala Bhavan institutes that were set up in Dubai, Sharjah and Kuwait, hundreds of Indian children were given professional training and grooming in several Indian classical and traditional art forms.

  By raising the quality and professional benchmark of performing arts, Kala Bhavan institutes soon became a benchmark and role model for several such arts training schools across the Gulf. Those institutes, while helping to raise the bar of dance and music institutes in the region, also became the breeding home for hundreds of budding talents and artistes.

Founder and Chairman of Gulf Arts and Leadership Academy .

Issac is the Founder and Chairman of Gulf Arts and Leadership Academy (GALA), a non-profit organisation devoted to fostering, assisting, and sustaining excellence in literature, music, sports and art. Under, GALA banner, Issac held several prestigious award events and shows to honour and reward eminent writers and artistes from India and the Arab world.

 In 2001, GALA in cooperation with ACKAF, instituted the largest prize money for literary eminence in Malayalam.

 The recipient of the award was selected for the first time through mass opinion polls that had the support of four leading Malayalam language newspapers.

 Jnanpith Award Award recipient MT Vasudevan, famous Malayalam writers Sakaria, Sethu, Chemmanam Chacko were among the proud recipients of GALA literary award.

 GALA also encouraged Pravasi writers by instituting awards and incentives. For the first time in the history of Kerala Sahitya Academy, GALA became instrumental in organising literary workshop outside India for the sake of expatriate writers and poets.